The LastGerm Story

I have been asked many times why I started the company​

In 2015, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I stopped working and settled into a routine of chemo that I have done on a daily basis since 2015. When I learned from a friend about the products we now sell, it excited me because I knew cancer patients were very vulnerable to bacteria, germs and pathogens. I learned how this product may very well save lives including mine. Now, this was long before Covid-19 was discovered or talked about. I received a blessing of new found energy and the money necessary to go out and spread the word about these amazing products. The bottom line is we could help our communities and save lives. What I have gained from this experience so far is I am happy and stronger than ever because I have a new purpose to live. Today I am so busy that I don't even think about my leukemia except when I take the chemo daily pill. Then its all about LastGerm. My wife who was a nurse joined me and so did my best friend William Salin. Everyday we help people all across America live a safer life. What else could anyone ask for?


Rickey Gooch,